Zemgale NGO Centre has been established in 1998 with aim to promote the development of the civic society. Currently organization is a resource centre for more than 700 NGOs (non-profit organizations), 6000 information network users. Regular activities are consultations on fundraising for public beneficiary measures, information, education & technical assistance for non-profit organizations. Local and international voluntary projects are being implemented in cooperation with organizations from Europe, Jordan, Latinamerica (Nicaragua & Brazil), Georgia, Russia (region of Kamchatka) and cooperation is started with Ukraine, Armenia.

Latest activities of the organization:

Regular support for reginal NGOs


Consultations, information & trainings available for non-profit organizations – consultants and mentors available in 3 towns in Latvia (Jelgava, Jekabpils & Aizkraukle):


Promotion of Social entrepreneurship at national & Euroean level

The SEED project has been granted by the European Commission, with the support of Erasmus+ Programme. It lasts for two years, from September 1st 2014 until August 31st 2016. Its aim is to develop joint measures for promotion of social entrepreneurship education. The target groups of SEED are:

• Adult educators

• Adult education organizations

• NGO associations and NGOs

• Social entrepreneurs

• Social entrepreneurship start-ups

• Organizations that promotes development of social entrepreneurship

More info about the project: seedproject.eu


Small grant program for Zemgale non-profit organizations

With the support of Ministry of Culture (currently responsible for civic society support) small grants are available since 2014 for 3 support measures:

è Grant program for civic society NGOs

è Grant program for activities of intercultural dialogue

è Grant program for national minority organizations

Total budget for 2 years: 60 000 EUR

Poster for grant program in 2015:

Voluntary service at local and international level

Since 2002 Zemgale NGO Centre has been running number of individual projects for European Voluntary work programme. Since 2002 there are more than 70 sending projects & 51 hosting projects implemented. We are coordinating voluntary work at local level as well coordinationg projects in Europe, EVS program partner countries as well as Middle East, Latinamerica & Russia.

Most of projects are connected to social issues, youth work & non-formal education.

Participation in decision making process at local and national level

Commissions / workgroups / memorandums:

Local level:

  • Jelgava city council Society integration commission
  • Jelgava city council consultative board for youth policies
  • University of Agriculture, Examination Commission
  • Partnership of regional NGO resource centres in Zemgale region

National level:

  • Ministry of Welfare, memorandum of cooperation (information exchange)
  • Cabinet of Ministers, NGO cooperation memorandum
  • Ministry of Education and Science, Structured dialogue work group
  • Latvian Civic alliance, manager of Zemgale NGO Centre is currently chairperson of the advisory board
  • Zemgale region Agency for sustainable energy
  • Zemgale Planning Region work group

EEZ NGO Fund project ''Complex measures for strenghtening Zemgale region NGOs''

(project number 2012.EEZ/DAP/MAC/047)

Since July 1 in 2013 until December 31 in 2015 Zemgale NGO Centre has been implementing EEZ NGO Fund project ''Complex measures for strenghtening Zemgale region NGOs''.

Zemgale NGO Centre is a regional NGO resource centre for more than 600 NGOs. During implementation of project organization has been organizing support measures that are most important for development of favourable environment for regional NGOs. Theese measures include participation into local, regional and national decision making processes by participating into local authorities commissions and work groups as well as taking part into national government level work groups. As a result there has been more than 70 meetings with decision makers that resulted in support of Latvian national NGO Fund establishment, financing available for regional NGOs in small grant programs, NGO opinions are taken into consideration when decisions are taken in such fields as youth, seniors or social support. Another result of the project are continuous support measures for NGOs of the region – 4 consultants in Zemgale region have made 700 consultations, organized more than 50 NGO information days and seminars, 25 projects developed in such fields as social entrepreneurship, international voluntary service programs and exchange of good practices. Zemgale NGO Centre has been able to make favourable environment for sustainable developent considering the face that annual turnover of the projects and services provided has been growing 3 times since 2013. During this period Zemgale NGO Centre has received number of awards as biggest European Voluntary Service hosting organization & Diploma for most experienced youth organization in Latvia (Ministru of Education and Science).

Total budget of the project is 66660.42 EUR (including Norvegian Financial instrument and Zemgale NGO Centre funding)

The project ''InTelligence&Skills''

The project ''InTelligence&Skills'' was a transnational partnership project between seven organizations from seven different countries – Latvia, Jordan, Tunisia, Croatia, Romania, Spain and Egypt. The main project activity was a training course about information communication technologies (ICT). The training course was organized in Latvia from 14th to 20th of August, 2015. It involved 16 youth workers or youth leaders, who learned how to use open source graphic design tools, improved their presentation skills and learn how to visualize data.


The objective of project were:

  • Increase youth organization capacity and quality to distribute information about their implemented projects and activities by enhancing their leaders and staff skills to use ICT;
  • Enhance mobility of youth workers and youth leaders from Europe and MENA region by providing opportunity to develop their competences in another country and share their experiences between colleagues;
  • Develop the cooperation among different organizations coming from Europe and MENA region;
  • Build a broader understanding of ICT, open source technologies and online learning tools and their use in promoting organizations mission, activities and youth initiatives;
  • Raise participants’ awareness and understanding of other cultures and encourage intercultural dialogue.




Project is realized with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.°


The European Commission support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsi­ble for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.