Newsletters of Zemgale NGO Centre have been received by more than 2 000 direct beneficiaries (non-governmental organisations, institutions, youngsters, mass media). Three years partnership within the lifelong education program Grundtvig. Launched informative platform

Update of NGO database in Zemgale. Three year partnership project within the lifelong education program Leonardo da Vinci. Strategic planning of Zemgale NGO Centre. Youth organisation efficiency tool "SECRET of Democracy" has been published in collaboration with 18 specialists from European countries.

Creation of regional support base in Jēkabpils. Launched cooperation with State Revenue Service and number of funds through participation in NGO Information days. EEZ/Norwegian financial instrument support. Popularisation campaign of NGOs.

Action area extended - Zemgale region (Jelgava, Dobele, Bauska, Jēkabpils, Aizkraukle). Launched state program "Strengthening of civil society. 2005 - 2009" with the support of Special Assignment Minister for Social Integration. Participation in commissions and working groups of local municipality and Zemgale regional planning.

Zemgale NGO Centre changes its status (in Latvian "biedrība") with the new board of members. Organisation of international training course in Ohrid, Macedonia.

Zemgale NGO Centre becomes the local relay of EU Education program Youth in Action (until 2006 - Youth) and youth informative network Eurodesk. First international volunteers are hosted in the organisation (France, Belgium).

English Club and Computer trainings for NGO leaders. Sections "NGO" and "Youth" have been created in home page of Jelgava City Council that are coordinated by Zemgale NGO Centre.

First sending European Voluntary Service projects within the program Youth. Zemgale NGO Centre supported by Baltic-American Partnership Programme and Jelgava City Council.

Soross Foundation - Latvia NGO Support project. Cooperation with the Embassy of the Netherlands - informative school visits.

Social internet access point for non-governmental organisations. Second trainee school.

Launched Human Rights Support Network, Jelgava department. First trainee school, graduated by current chairperson Uldis Dūmiņš.

December 14, Zemgale NGO Centre had been founded by 12 non-governmental organisations. 11 members of the board elected in the board. At beginning the action territory includes Jelgava, Bauska, and Dobele. Launching the actions of organisation, consultations on NGO registration, staff training. EU Phare program project.